Gigs & Goofs - DDAT Experiences

Killing Me Softly

Tempe, Arizona Marketplace 

There is a restaurant called Hot n Juicy Crawfish.

Everyone knows about the crazy restaurant stories of DDAT. In fact, they may have lost fans due to their horrendous eating! Oh well...

But the next story is…

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Soft Spot

The Soft Spot DDAT Performs at Mt. Edgecumbre High School

There are many times DDAT performed for youth audiences. Each time they have performed, their response always leads back to, "...this is why we do it...".

When observing DDAT in…

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Why Is A Set List Hard To Make!?

Every gig must have a set list if you want instant flow for a show.

DDAT has struggled for a year with set lists and it's not getting any better!

Like every problem with DDAT, it begins with…

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The Biggest Fail In Band History

It is very funny how time works. Nothing about this blog is funny...well maybe a little if you look at it from a different point of view. At every show we always explain how hard it is to compose...then we…

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Cut Off Stories of Mike McCluhan

While sitting in on a DDAT rehearsal I witnessed something very funny. Mike was asked to take a solo but when the solo section came up in the piece, Mike was skipped. I noticed everyone's face had a huge smile.…

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The Worst Hotel

Many bands have horrible motel experiences. This particular motel tops all of those...

To keep the company safe, we will use a different name.

Montel 5+1 Inc.

This motel was by far...the worst experience DDAT has ever…

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Rookie Mistakes - Who Are YOU!?

When DDAT members make a mistake on stage, the ones who didn't make the mistake usually say, "That's it, I'm going to see if Hello Dollface has any openings"... But the more common response is a smirk to the person…

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Nerds and Hip Hop!?

What do you think of Hip Hop? What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Today we want to share our transition between jazz and the hip hop culture. (BTW, we are still early in the transition process.)

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Def-i aka Rabbit Killer!

The truth is exposed!!!

Chris aka Def-i is known to DDAT as the "Rabbit Killer".

When you have a rapper in the band, you get a rap name.

90% of the time, the rap name is given…

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Sushi Problems

DDAT likes to share an addictive habit with one another - our love and hunger for Sushi...or should I say $u$hi...

Our Sushi Problems always begins with a thought.

"Lets grab some sushi bro." - Nick/Delbert

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