Def-i aka Rabbit Killer!

The truth is exposed!!!

Chris aka Def-i is known to DDAT as the "Rabbit Killer".

When you have a rapper in the band, you get a rap name.

90% of the time, the rap name is given to us according to an obvious feature or memorable incident.

For instance...

Nick plays the drums for DDAT. On two occasions, he accidentally put a hole in his bass drum while performing. Nick always said that he never had that happen before. As the band mingled to one another about the broken bass drum, Chris came out saying,

"Beatin' the ground, hard to floor, to the root, we all hail Thunder Foot!"

Thunder Foot seems to be sticking with Nick these days. Every now and then Chris likes to call him "Boy who plays with sticks".

Plays with sticks he does! (yoda)

For now, when you see Nick, call him by his rap name - Thunder Foot.

Mike's rap name tends to be 100% correct. Mike is a very tall man - which is another reason he can easily play the upright bass. No one would believe us but Mike can actually hold and play the upright bass like a guitar! Hopefully that gives everyone an idea of how big this guy really is.

Chris immediately saw the opportunity to call him,

"One who stands high"

or "The Tall One"

It's very obvious for someone who walks in the stratosphere. Mike currently holds his name...

"one who stands high"

Delbert has been known to take on a few names. Names that concern his ability to push air down the horn. Here are a few that has been mentioned.

"One who blows" - Chris

"Iron Lung" - Chris

"Plays with air" - Chris

But the name that seemed to stick with Delbert was...

"Lungs of Steel" - Chris

At a gig in Durango, CO Chris introduced the band with rap names. It sounded like this...

"...on drums we have "thunder foot", bass - my man "one who stands high" and "lungs of steel" on trumpet, and I'm Def-i thank you for listening..."

Little does Chris aka Def-i know that we have an alternative rap name for him.

A name that goes back to a touring incident.

Def-i the "Rabbit Killer"

Everyone knows Def-i is a nice guy and he wouldn't hurt a fly...

But he would hurt a rabbit...

The incident happened somewhere in Idaho (north of Boise). It was about 5:45am when the guys heard a thump in the van. We all looked at each other and told Nick to cut it out...because he was the drummer, and they seem to always hit things. Suddenly Chris said,

"Sorry guys, sorry rabbit, RIP."

Chris was very articulate about apologizing to the rabbit that had turned into roadkill. We thought he was the nicest guy alive.

"how sweet of him" - Nick

"the man has respect for animals" - Mike

"it was the rabbit's fault" - Delbert

Everyone went back to sleep while Chris drove through the early morning.

..."thump, thump" - van

Everyone asked what was that?

Chris said,

"Sorry rabbit, RIP"

We all thought to ourselves "wow, #2!"

As the guys began to wake up, we seemed to be driving on rabbit road. Or better yet, known as "The Road that Def-i Killed Rabbits On"

You know, making a few roadkills on a lengthy tour isn't unnatural. But it is unnatural when someone kills 8 rabbits under 45 minutes.

Def-i did just that...

Not only did 8 rabbits die, but each rabbit apology changed as the kill number climbed. This is how we remembered the order of apologies -

Kill #1 - Sorry guys, sorry rabbit, RIP

Kill #2 - Sorry rabbit, RIP

Kill #3 - Dang, RIP

Kill #4 - RIP, shouldn't have been out this morning

Kill #5 - watch out animal

Kill #6 - Gosh, these crazy animals

Kill #7 - That was suicide

Kill #8 - Get out of my way!

Luckily our van was Black so you couldn't see the blood. It wasn't until Mike made the comment that brought Chris down.

"Chris, those rabbits today don't have their mother/father/brother/sister/friend etc. coming back to them today. Thank you." - Mike

Chris nearly cried...

"what the?...not cool man." - Chris

To make a long story short, Chris drove the remainder of the way and we never talked about it until now. Chris didn't mean to kill those rabbits and he is still one of the Coolest Guys to hang around.

Just be sure when you hang with Chris, call him "RABBIT KILLER"

Chris would like to apologize to all the readers for the rabbits - there was nothing he could do...(he could have slowed down, but that's the bands opinion)


-the names of the innocent rabbits have been kept secret for protection purposes-







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    Watch your back man!!!

    Watch your back man!!!

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