Killing Me Softly

Tempe, Arizona Marketplace 

There is a restaurant called Hot n Juicy Crawfish.

Everyone knows about the crazy restaurant stories of DDAT. In fact, they may have lost fans due to their horrendous eating! Oh well...

But the next story is definitely a killer. Some may even say it looked like a blood bath murder scene after they were finished with their meal...

I'm happy to report that no one died or got hurt during the process of their normal life...

DDAT came into Tempe, AZ a few days early to do some educational workshops and experience the town. It was a pleasant few days with weather so hot, not even ants were outside working. 

Def-i had a great idea of getting a simple lunch at the Tempe Marketplace. Now, I'm not sure how they end up in these situations but H n J caught Mike's eye. 

"There it is boys" Mike said...

Nick, "Yeah seafood sounds nice"

Delbert, "Crab Legs!"

Def-i, "That's dope"

DDAT was happy and seemed hungry which wasn't a surprise until they...


2 Pounds of Season Fries

2 Lobsters

2 Pounds of Crawfish

2 Pounds of Shrimp

2 Pounds of Crab Legs

2 Pounds of Mussels

4 Cups of butter

4 Large Drinks

4 Medium Spicy Dipping Sauces

4 Hot Dipping Sauces

Oh my... what a sight to see. You know, there are times when you love seeing a group of men bond and have great funny conversations, it's encouraging! A pleasant thought of being civilized comes to mind when you witness these moments...

But ladies and gentlemen,

This was not one of those moments...

DDAT started off by saying "wow this is a ton of food" - not really...

Mike quickly went for the mussels, Nick went for the lobster, Delbert went for the shrimp and Def-i went for the fries... it was like a busy intersection...

While everyone was piling their plate they noticed families walking in with a bit of disgust on their faces. 

Nick "oh dude this probably looks gross"

Mike "it's a seafood spot, what do they expect?"

Def-i "hey guys, don't post this on any social media okay?"

Delbert "it looks like we are eating a human body"

DDAT's comments were all correct except this time around we will not be able to agree with Def-i's request. Sorry Def-i this story is a must tell.

After a lot of, "Try this guys, try this one guys...the sauce is great"

They started to slow down in their eating...Soon the plastic gloves began to come off, one by one.

There was a comment made by someone that sounded like this, "...what do you guys thi...ooouuuggggaaa..."

DDAT was full, well overfull...well sickening full.

I have never seen so much food eaten in one sitting...I also never seen a table so messy!!!

This wasn't the bad part believe it or not. The bad part was leaving and hearing the aftermath stories.

DDAT can tell you all about the seafood sweats and much more. What was a simple lunch became a hardcore seafood murder. 

DDAT vowed they would never eat like that again, but they lied and a few days after that the same thing happened at an In and Out Burger spot. 

But in memory of the blood bath massacre at Hot n Juicy Crawfish...we would like for you to think about owning one of these so you will not let an incident like this happen again...

Lobster Paper Towel Holder

12 Pounds of Food after an hour and a half "simple" lunch... Look at Mike's cup, also notice he's not sitting there...I wonder where he went?


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