Soft Spot

The Soft Spot

DDAT Performs at Mt. Edgecumbre High School

There are many times DDAT performed for youth audiences. Each time they have performed, their response always leads back to, "...this is why we do it...".

When observing DDAT in Alaska at Mt. Edgecumbre High, something was different. Everyone noticed their sincerity and emotional speeches. As they began to set up for their performance and workshop, we noticed a young man following them around. DDAT seemed to be mentoring him as they were sound checking and writing their set list. Def-i would take breaks with the young man explaining the importance of searching for inspiring artists. Nick was giving the young man business advice. Delbert was giving advice on the path to success. Mike was sharing his wise thoughts on show presence and music content. 

The young man was receiving a full artist education. DDAT later decided to have the young man join them on a tune at their performance. DDAT definitely went the extra mile when it came working with the students.

Mt. Edgecumbre High is located in Sitka, Alaska and is the high school for over 100 Alaskan Tribes. There was 400 students in attendance and for some students, DDAT was their first music concert experience. Some students came from tribes as small as 30 people. The different tribes were from all parts of Alaska, some even 2.5 miles away from the Russian border. DDAT seemed to get very deep when it came to speaking to the students. The students sat at the edge of their seats wondering what a band from Farmington, New Mexico would bring. 

The concert was amazing, the students even came down from their seats to engage even more. Many students didn't know how to react, but their faces said it all. With the awes, wows and cheers it was easily recognized that everyone had a great time. It was a special evening for everyone. 

After their last tune, the band looked very sensitive. 

Nick gathered DDAT and said, " know guys, we are very blessed."

Everyone agreed.

The students began to flood the gym floor and ask questions. Mt. Edgecumbre High definitely hit a soft spot in all their hearts.

maybe it was Sitka...

maybe the young man asking questions...

the students who didn't know how to react to a concert...

the young lady that lived 2 miles from the Russian border...

or the young gentleman from a population of 30...

Whatever it was, DDAT left with their eyes glossy. A great amount of respect was seen from DDAT towards Alaska's youth. 

Mike - "that's why we do it boys..."


"We would like to say thank you to Mt. Edgecumbre High School for the heartfelt experience. We will never forget you guys! You all rock!"  - DDAT




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