Sushi Problems

DDAT likes to share an addictive habit with one another - our love and hunger for Sushi...or should I say $u$hi...

Our Sushi Problems always begins with a thought.

"Lets grab some sushi bro." - Nick/Delbert

"Sushi sounds good right about now." - Mike

"We all go Wee Wee for Sushi." - Chris (rapper)

Our thoughts are all for the best until we actual begin to eat.

One year we had Sushi with Wenweng Hai aka (Hai Hai). LA was definitely poppin! During our time in LA, the biggest music show was in town along with the Grammys. We were there on music business when Delbert wanted to talk some overseas touring with Hai Hai. Then the first thought was made...

"Lets take Hai Hai to a fancy sushi joint" - Nick

Nick has always been good at finding the most expensive places to eat. (that's another story)

DDAT made an hour cab ride to a 5 star sushi restaurant that was 4 miles away from our hotel. Yes, 4 miles took an hour. You got to figure, the place was busy and hot cheetos were selling at $5 a bag. (from our usual .99 cents bag of chips) Anyway, there went our first Benjamin.

When we got there, the place was tiny yet active. The "tourist attraction" was the sushi boat, currently worth 48.00 US dollars. Not Bad!

But when you eat with Nick, you must have the best.

"We'll start off with a few rolls and have Chef's Choice Sashimi for 5." - Nick

When Nick requested Chef's Choice Sashimi, everyone in the venue turned their heads and Hai Hai was the happiest girl on the planet.

When the Sashimi came out we saw - jelly fish, sea urchin, sea horse, octopus, etc. It was very authentic from your local California Roll.

We notice Hai Hai was having the greatest time of her life eating the different Sashimi...DDAT on the other hand, slowly managed to put a piece on their plates.

Dinner soon became fear factor.

Of course we didn't want to upset Hai Hai or make her feel left out while she ate. So we stepped up to the plate and went for it. Mike was the only one to finish the Sashimi while the others struggled to keep down one piece.

It was a great experience. Until the BILL!

The receipt was given to Nick. Nick's face dropped and said well the place is considered a 5 star venue.

When we peaked at the receipt we noticed that our Chef's Choice was worth 350.00!!! Figuring our drinks and other rolls the total came out to little over $400.

Total: $600+ (you got to figure in the other Benjamin for the ride back to our hotel)

Of course DDAT took the bill with major help from Nick. hahaha

"uhh, Honey...We kinda went a little over our day budget" - Nick

Lesson Learned!

The 2nd lesson learned (well not really) was the Sushi Buffet, also in LA.

DDAT went to an all you can eat Sushi restaurant. The place was fantastic. So DDAT put "all you can eat" to the test. We had just finished a couple of shows and were very hungry. We started out with 4 rolls. The waiter was fine. We fit in, we were normal!

10 minutes later we ordered another 4 rolls. The waiter then handed us the bill and the sushi artist came out and thanked us. But we were not finished.

15 minutes went by and we ordered 3 more rolls with 4 jumbo oysters. At this point, the sushi artist, waiter and manager gathered by the exit and began to talk with each other while staring at our table.

We felt a little intimidated but you know bass players and their egos.

"Lets get 4 more rolls" - Mike

"Lets get a round of hand rolls too" - Nick

So DDAT ordered 4 more rolls and 4 hand rolls. 5 minutes later the waiter came out with the manager and the manager said,

"...if you can not finish the rolls we gave you, you must pay for each individual piece."

The challenge was accepted but the sushi began to take its place in our belly. After we BARELY finished our rolls...We thought we'd go out with a we ordered one last roll of yellowtail...

The manager was furious and all the employees were talking about us.

When we saw the plate, the roll came with 12 pieces off thick yellowtail was definitely going to be a hard one...

It took every ounce of stomach space...we began to feel sick...there was 4 pieces left and each guy agreed to take one...Each one of us gagged a little. It was a sushi massacre.

After we finished, the waiter asked if we wanted anything else...We laughed a little. He knew we were sick with our pale faces, big stomachs and watery eyes...Oh the pain...

As we got back to the hotel, we made plans to see LA a bit more that night...But it never happened because we were literally in a sushi coma. The sushi sweats do exist people! We can't remember how long our break from sushi was that year... We believe it was 2 weeks.

Our last story involves Ridgecrest California, Soy Sauce and Per Diem.

Ridgecrest, CA was one beautiful place. We were very lucky to perform in the petroglyph park.

Along with the fine performances and hotels...we were given per diem! Per Diem that DDAT didn't quite use the first day. Until our last nights stay, DDAT decided to hit up a Sushi Grill...

With having 2 days worth of per diem, we decided to try an create another sushi massacre.

One of the funniest things happened to us. Although we didn't come close to beating our record, we did manage to finish an entire bottle of soy sauce! The waitress at the time was in disbelief because soy sauce usually lasts a week or two. DDAT finished it in an hour sitting.

We felt like we completed a goal. We finally got our check, and to our surprise it was 265.00! We thought we would be taking some extra money home but our 300 per diem left us. As we left, we all talked about our sushi massacre. Everyone was pretty full but didn't want to admit it. Mike made a comment,

"Lets look for dessert, how about...urrrrrghhhh."

He almost lost his dinner. It was the funniest thing we have ever seen. We all held on to something trying keep ourselves from falling. Mike entered the van and not a word was spoken. Everyone smiled and we went back to the hotel.

We don't know what it is but Sushi and California have some major history with DDAT!

Until next time! Comment below! $ubscribe and $hare!

We Love $u$hi



  • Matthew

    Matthew Ridgecrest

    Thanks for the shout out, DDAT!

    Thanks for the shout out, DDAT!

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