The DDAT Curse! 

     "Every band has a curse." - DDAT

We wish we were lying but it's true, DDAT has a CURSE!

In 2013, DDAT composed a tune known as Iron Horse Gallup. Iron Horse was composed during a train ride from Gallup, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California. While composing the piece, we thought it would be a great idea to give tribute to Anderson's Native Culture by adding a "chant" section. The "chant" section is played using a technique on trumpet known as half valving...(sounds very voice like) The idea of Iron Horse Gallup was to take the audience on a musical journey. A journey that was made by DDAT.

The tune is very popular and we use to perform it all the time, until we found out our tune holds forces beyond explanation!!!

Our band humor consists of joking with Mr. Anderson's "spiritual connections".

"Delbert, tell the winds to calm down, our things are going to blow away!"

"Delbert, we need to leave early, ask the spirits to speed up the gig process."

"Delbert, can you move the clouds our way? There is no shade where we are performing."

You name it, we teased Anderson about it.

There has been numerous incidents when we performed Iron Horse Gallup. We joked about it many times, but really...we're not sure if it's a joke anymore! We would like to share four short stories about performing Iron Horse. (to show you that our curse is real!)

#1 Shiprock Marathon - The Wind

In 2016 DDAT performed at the Shiprock Marathon. It was mid day, calm, very hot and dry...

"Lets play Iron Horse" - Mike

The moment we began playing we notice a slight change in the wind. As we went further in the tune, the wind blew harder and harder. When Anderson was half way through the "chant" section, the speakers we were using blew over! We had to stop the show because Mike's bass was getting hard to hang on to, Nick's cymbals were falling over, and the dust was blinding. The audience said jokingly,

"What did you guys do? It was a perfect day"

It was a perfect day indeed....FOR IRON HORSE!

#2 San Francisco - The Mind

Being in competitions alone are nerve racking, but times that by 1,000 when you're trying to perform a cursed composition. We were auditioning in San Francisco for a spot on "America Music Abroad". Before we auditioned we decided to add Iron Horse to our performance list. During our waiting time, we joked with one another about ditching the audition so we can try a popular seafood joint.

"Dude, lets play Iron Horse so we can fail and go eat" - Nick

And FAIL we did...hahaha

At the beginning of Iron Horse, the spirits took over Mike's mind and caused him to play in double time. Now that we think of it, it might have just been his own fault because bassists do have trouble with their heads.

We were a little thrown off, luckily we finished the tune...but the curse didn't stop there. The next three tunes we performed didn't go so well either. Our minds were lost in the music and everyone seemed to be having concentration issues. To make things worst, two pieces of music we had to play were from different countries and our ability to mimic styles were far off.

It may sound like nerves, but DDAT has never had a FAIL in their career until that day...these next two stories might make you think otherwise!

The picture below is a photo of Delbert and Mike at the popular Seafood joint in San was hard to smile after a rough gig, Nick was crying in the bathroom.

#3 Jemez Historic Site - The Sky

DDAT had the wonderful opportunity to perform in the Jemez Historic Site. It was one of the most memorable venues we have ever played in. This incident shows that the DDAT curse can happen anywhere. The supernatural began to happen before the gig. While we were waiting off stage (moments before we perform), the sun was high in the sky beating down on us. Nick asked,

"Delbert can you do something about the sun?"

And immediately, the clouds covered the sun and provided shade. (Delbert had to be feeling very cool at that moment)

The sun and clouds battled over our entire set, which means Iron Horse has some sympathy for we thought...

As we began to play Iron Horse the wind began to increase. As Chris finished his lyrics, Nick's drum blew over and almost rolled into the audience! Nick's drums were ok, and the audience was in awe.

"I saw it falling but there was nothing I could do" - Chris

Jemez Historic Site became even more memorable... Believe us now? Wait til you hear the next story!

#4 Dulce, New Mexico - The Earth

DDAT was invited to perform at Dulce, New Mexico. The event was a benefit for many great causes and the music was amazing! Then...Iron Horse...

As we started to play Iron Horse, the wind picked up AGAIN! Delbert started to play the "chant" section and things seemed to quickly fall apart. This time the side tarps of the stage loosened and wrap around Delbert and his trumpet. While Delbert was struggling to get out of the bind, Mike ran off stage because he thought the stage was going to fall. (Mike can run...and obviously doesn't care what happens to the rest of us)

Nick and Chris jumped off the stage as they heard a loud cracking sound! It scared Delbert so much that he got loose from the tarps and ran to where Mike was standing. As we all looked at the stage we noticed it was ok. But what we saw next will blow your minds!

No one was hurt during this event and the event coordinator said,

"...that was DDAT, they really know how to bring the house down..."

We all stared at each other knowing it was Iron Horse, the DDAT curse. Keep in mind these are only a few stories about Iron Horse Gallup. We have many more!

We don't know if the curse actually exists, however, 95% of the time - an incident occurs while we perform Iron Horse.

We blamed many things not wanting to believe. Like blaming it on another band...

"singal 99 cursed us with their music!" (a great band we might add!)

Shout out to Signal 99 -

So the next time you are free, come to a DDAT show near you and witness the supernatural powers of IRON HORSE GALLUP - the DDAT Curse!


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