DDAT Mission

DDAT combines a traditional learning environment with contemporary artists to provide a rich musical and educational experience. DDAT emphasizes liberal learning, freedom of inquiry, cultural diversity and whole student life. Excellent teaching and active learning define DDAT relationships. Cultural enrichment and professional service are also important contributions of DDAT.

Educational Programs available for Communities, K - 12, Techs and Universities.

DDAT Focus

Exceptional professional preparation 

Impart citizenship and leadership skills and values 

Support and expand the role of music and excellent teaching at all levels 

Development of the individual student as an artist, educated citizen and expressive human being 

Educational and aesthetic experiences for the community and region 

Response to the changing needs of contemporary society 

Affected sites

DDAT Topics & Discussion

  • Improvisation 
  • Recording Techniques 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Music Composition 
  • Music Evolution 
  • Music Business 
  • Expanding Your Audience 
  • Artistic Development 
  • Jazz History
  • Creating a Band
  • Spoken Word
  • Poetry
  • Hip Hop Production 
  • Freestyle Rap